Lab News

Lab 4 years anniversary (September 2022)
Deaminet 2022 meeting at Palm Springs
School of Medicine Grad Student day (October 2021)
Lab dinner for Sunwoo and Elodie’s new paper (September 2021)
Buisson Lab September 2020
Lab picnic with the Seldin’s lab

Our new paper on APOBEC3A is now out in Nature Communication!!

The lab is currently closed due to the COVID-19 outbreaks. We will come back stronger!!
Pégah got awarded for best poster presentation at the Deaminet 2020
Pégah presenting her poster to Reuben Harris at the Deaminet 2020 conference (Palm Spring, CA)
Halloween 2019
Grad School day 2019: Faculty against students. Students won….
Buisson lab September 2019
Welcome to Landon Metzen (master student), Sunwoo Oh (rotation student), Yijun Gu (rotation student), Ian Ward (undergraduate student), and Ambrocio Sanchez (undergraduate student).
Congratulation to Danae for her first paper published in Science:

Buisson lab May 2019
Welcome to Pégah (postdoc), Brian (lab technician) and Diana (Rotation student)
Buisson lab February 2019
Welcome to Danea (lab technician), Shin and Kevin (undergraduate student), and Ross (rotation student)